Tilde New Music and Sound Art launched at the beginning of 2014, offering a platform and communal space for new and experimental music practice. This includes modern notated music, free improvisation, sound art, and computer music. We offer a supportive and open space for practitioners in these fields to explore new works, to test out ideas, and to examine how new music branches out into, and indeed is intrinsically linked with, other disciplines such as the visual arts, dance, and theatre.

Tilde’s broad aim is to remove the performance barriers associated with challenging new musical works through the use of open space, taking these adventurous works out of the concert hall and by encouraging the full use of the space by the artists, to engage the audience sonically, visually, and sometimes physically. Our musical focus is on works created in the last 50 years within the Australasian geographic region that push performer and audience in new and interesting ways, and to facilitate new networked connections and spontaneous collaborations between artists and audiences alike.

Tilde was started by flutist/sound artist Alice Bennett, and composer Vincent Giles, and our team has expanded to include composer/sound artist Kevan Atkins and percussionist/composer Nat Grant.